Why Renovate your Home? Renovating your home, will help bring out the amazing characteristics of your home that might have gone unnoticed.  Jackie Jones has the inside scoop of what attracts people to buying a home. By changing a room to make it look its best or updating a home to modern appliances, you help target the kind of buyers you want. Don’t just take our word for it. See our before and after shots.

Lifestyle Homes

The Jackie Jones team takes a different approach to higher value homes. We highlight the major features of your home and matches them with potential buyers. We also go above and beyond to sell your home with video, photography, and listings that show more than just your home, but the lifestyle behind it. Learn more about what services we offer for lifestyle homes.

Barrie and Innisfil is a hot real-estate market right now. To sell your home in this market you need a team that knows how to start a deal and how to close a deal. Selling homes is what the Jackie Jones team does best. See our list of sold homes.