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Meaghan Patterson

We believe that Meaghan’s strong negotiation skills and self-discipline make her a significant asset to The Jackie Jones Team. She is able to adopt her clients’ wants, needs, and desires and make them a reality. Buying and selling a home can be a stressful venture – why not infuse some fun into the process? If this creative, charismatic, down-to-earth Realtor® can’t do it, no one can.

*Note that all names have been excluded to accommodate our client’s rights to privacy.

Hey Jackie, 


I know we have not yet sold but I just want to say thank you in advance for such an amazing job you did with our home. Your professionalism, work ethic, and etiquette are way above any others we've known. We are excited to see what happens with this sale.


Thanks so much, the house looks amazing. 

Excited for The Future

Client Testimonial

Hi Jackie, Melissa, and the rest of the wonderful team, we can not express in enough words to say how we appreciate all you have done for us and the very generous gift we received.


We hope all the best to you and your families, please stay safe.


With Love.

We Appreciate You

Client Testimonial

Hi Jackie!! 

Ronnie dropped off an incredible referral gift basket for Tiffany and I and I wanted to thank you for putting together such an incredible team. We are very proud of you ladies for having such a great year and we will be life long clients.


Thank you and Merry Christmas!

Life Long Clients

Client Testimonial

I would like to give a big shout-out to Jackie Jones and her team for being so awesome and making the sale of my home go as smoothly as it did. Right from the listing, to the staging, to selling at record speed. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

To top it off, Jackie stopped in personally to drop off a lovely gift basket off at my work. It is absolutely beautiful! 

Thank you again

Thank You Jackie

Client Testimonial
Client Testimonials