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With our very own 4000 sq ft warehouse we are constantly updating our inventory to stay on trend to help you market your listings easily and effectively.  We offer complete in home staging not just a consultation to better serve you and help you achieve your goal selling your house.

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Project Management

We offer complete Project Management services for our clients who are unable to complete prep work themselves.  We will coordinate quality suppliers and experienced tradesmen to you your property ready for listing

Professional Cleaning
Light Fixtures
Drywall Repairs and Painting
Storage, Junk Removal
Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations
Flooring & Roof Replacement
Window and Door Replacement
Moving and Packing

We have secured the best rates possible so you can do MORE for LESS

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a staged home sells 74 % faster

Before and after!

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We are here to help! The Jackie Jones team works with an understanding of the real estate industry.  We focus on combining proven staging techniques and cost effective practices to ensure each property is showcased brilliantly.  We have mastered target marketing and lifestyle selling techniques.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Home staging is the process of preparing a home for sale, by highlighting its best features and creating an environment that speaks to a buyer. To stand out in a competitive market, it has to be as appealing as possible and must look better than all the rest. Home staging focuses on what the buyer will need to see and feel when they walk through the home to inspire them to make an offer right away.

A staging consultation is the 1st step in a 4 step staging process to complete a full stage.

Step 1: The consultation a 1 to 2 hour meeting with a stager, which includes recommendations for paint colors, decluttering and other suggestions to make you home look its best.

Step 2 : The Execution-Implementing the honey to do list provided at the consultation

Step 3 : Lighting, household fixtures and design-  

Step 4:  Full Staging is bringing in the necessary staging material  to showcase your property in its best light. Staging Material can include but not limited to Artwork, mirrors,lamps, rugs,  accessories, Linens, pillows and furniture  

We recommend you interview at least 3 Realtors when choosing a Realtor that represents your needs best.

Many Realtors offer staging, however in the fine print only Step 1 is included Steps 2 to 4 are crucial in preparing your home for the market. After all you wouldn’t sell your vehicle without getting it in tip top shape would you ? so why not get your largest asset in tip top shape so that you don’t leave money on the table.


We are proud to offer full staging, here’s how we can help!

Step 1 : Consultation Jackie will personally provide you with a complete design consultation. Outlining everything needed to achieve top dollar and look your best amongst the competition. A written “honey to do list” will be provided broken down room by room, making it easier to follow.  

Step 2: Execution  we assist with storage, heavy lifting and in some case sellers need bins for disposal of larger items or too many items. We work along side 21 local contacting companies that will provide the best rates and scheduling for our clients. That means you can do more for less. We are there the whole step of the way and assist in anyway we can to ensure your home preparation is simple and swift!

Step 3- Lighting, household fixtures and design – We select your lighting in most cases at our reduced costs and we can arrange for install if needed. No only do we source and pick up your fixtures we deliver them to your doorstep including  mirrors door handles and supplies if needed.  

Step 4:  Full Staging – The Jackie Jones Team can stage over 20 homes at a single time with over $600,000 in staging inventory and still counting. In our 4000 sq ft warehouse we only stock high end, on trend staging material to make your home shine. We set up all the staging and install curtain rods and door handles so that you can just sit back and relaxed and be amazed by the transformation!

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Home staging is about making a home appealing to the largest pool of buyers possible, while decorating focuses solely on one person’s unique taste. In home staging, everything is kept neutral so that buyers can imagine themselves in the space, rather than getting distracted by someone else’s personal style or clutter. While the homeowner may love their own décor, some buyers may have a hard time picturing their own décor in its place. They may be turned off from the home entirely at this point. Staging will also work to make it each room seem larger and brighter.

Several studies show that home staging allows homes to sell faster and for more money, versus non-staged homes. A staged home sells 74% faster and buyers are willing to spend 1%-5% more on the dollar value of a staged home, versus a non-staged home. In the competitive housing market of today, home staging is one of the best marketing strategies at your disposal.

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Every home can benefit from staging, even new builds which usually come with white walls and basic fixtures. The most beautifully decorated and organized homes can also benefit from staging because what makes a home appealing while it’s on the market is different from what makes it appealing while someone is living in it.

Empty and/or vacant homes can also benefit from staging, using a new build for example: The builder never displays an empty model home, they always have the model home staged to make the home more appealing to a larger pool of buyers.

While decluttering is an important part of home staging, it is only one step of the process. There are a lot of other components that make home staging truly effective as a marketing tool. This includes repairs, colour, décor, and small details to create a sense of a welcoming home to capture the buyer’s imagination.

Usually, home staging incorporates the homeowner’s existing furniture. However, in many cases some pieces or items need to be stored. If there are any items that do need to be removed, we recommend storing them in a storage unit or at a friends or family member’s home, sometimes neatly in the garage or unfinished basement. We also have packages that include storage, as well as transportation and moving services to the storage unit. 

A staged home has a higher perceived value, so you can also list the home for what it’s truly worth. A non-staged home will look like it needs more work, which often leads to deductions for repairs etc. so buyers have room to make improvements.

A staged home will sell faster and for more 2 to 10% more, got questions or want to book a FREE Home Evaluation Click here