Lifestyle Homes, Sell your high value home
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Lifestyle Homes

High value homes need different approaches to appeal to the desired audience. Jackie Jones has mastered taking the key selling features of your property and conveying them to buyers through cinematic lifestyle commercials. We tell a story to potential buyers through video letting them explore the lifestyle they can also enjoy should they purchase the property. Video is one of the most powerful tools it’s worth adding video to your online marketing arsenal.


Whether you have a unique property, farm,cottage, luxury or waterfront we can produce a unique lifestyle commercial for your home. Our videos can not be duplicated, we have an exclusive contract with We Are Berry Media. You know the saying about a picture being worth a thousand words. Well, a video may just be worth a thousand pictures.

  • Motion Video
  • High quality photography
  • Twilight photography
  • Personalized touch

More Examples of Lifestyle Homes

High Quality Photography

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